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market vendor organic skincare maker

LĒNUS Handcrafted was established in 2013 San Diego, California by a mom, designer and health nut with a passion for healthy living. The result is an extensive line of products that are truly clean, genuine and effective. They are carefully formulated using a wide variety of fine botanicals which are handmade in small fresh batches. Complex combinations of essential oils are used to strengthen their healing properties as well as create unique and wonderful aromas.

LĒNUS Handcrafted products includes daily skincare essentials like creams, cleansers, masks, scrubs, as well as specialty items.

LĒNUS Handcrafted products contain NO synthetic ingredients, additives or artificial fragrance oils. Product formulas contain certified organic ingredients and aloe vera juice is used in all emulsified products instead of water. 

Get in touch and find out where LĒNUS is going to be selling next and enjoy the scenes from the lab on Instagram (Lenus_Handcrafted_Skincare) and Facebook (LĒNUS)! 

Laura Lisauskas

Owner / Maker