Discover LĒNUS Handcrafted, a premium artisan all natural skincare made by hand in San Diego, California!

At LĒNUS authentic formulas are made by hand with fine botanical ingredients: cold pressed organic carrier oils, luscious plant butters, pure essential oils, cosmetic earth clays, Vitamins, local raw honey, unrefined beeswax and botanical extracts. Formulations utilize over 300 pure botanical ingredients priced for their natural skin regenerating properties.

One of the most important ingredient is Aloe Vera, a wonderful local drought tolerant plant which juice is proudly used in all recipes as a replacement for water, making lotions and creams more effective than those with water. Local organic raw honey from a family farm is used as a base for all face masks, making them more gentle and amazingly healing. LENUS is proud to support sustainable agriculture farmers all around the world who provide wonderful botanic skincare ingredients. Using organic plant riches in unusually high rates in the formulas is what makes LENUS skincare exceptional and truly effective.